Protecting Your Home And Belongings While Way On Spring Break

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- Spring break is here and while it’s vacation time for many students, some criminals are hard at work.

It’s a trend police departments typically see every year, whenever students are gone burglaries tend to go up.

However, there are a few things you can do to make sure you’re home and belongings are safe while you’re away.

Starkville Police encourage everyone be sure to lock all windows and doors before leaving home for the break.

They also suggest leaving a radio or TV on a timer to make it look like someone is home, as well as alerting your neighbors that you’ll be gone and have them keep an eye on things while you’re away.

“Be proactive and try not to make it obvious that no one is at the residence,” said Sergeant Brandon Lovelady, Public Information Officer with the Starkville Police Department. “In addition to the other things, we have a vacation home check form that’s available on our website. You can fill the form out, and at least once every 24 hours an officer will come by and we will walk around your residence and check around it to make sure nothing looks out of place.”

Lovelday urges everyone to call police if they see anything suspicious happening during the break.

To learn more about on the vacation home check, visit for more information.

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