Video: Quadriplegic Gamer Hopes To Go Pro

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EUPORA, Miss. (WCBI) Video games have become a favorite past time in the few decades but can you imagine playing without the use of your limbs? Trellis Blanton was born without use of his arms or legs. With sports out of the question, video games quickly became a favorite past time for Trellis. His hobby has now grown into a passion and even a possible career.

“It’s like how normal people get to play sports. This is my sport, this is what I do to have fun. This is what I do to say that I’ve accomplished something.”

With limited finger movements, Trellis has learned to maneuver a game controller by mostly using his face. His years of preparation and practice have all lead to an amateur gaming competition he hopes to attend this summer. This competition has the potential to lead to professional competitions and even gaming sponsors.

“Now for him to be an adult and to have the opportunity to make something of his life and his own journey. It means a lot to me and to see him prosper and grow as an adult,” said his sister Maria Reed.

Beyond the desire to win the competition, Trellis has a heart to encourage other disabled people.

“I hope that this inspires disabled gamers. I hope this inspires people who feel like in their life that they cannot do anything- there is something for them to do.”

The competition in Chicago has agreed to accommodate Trellis’s unique gaming style. His next step is to raise enough funds for his trip expenses. His sister has always seen him has an inspiration, and hopes this trip will be a milestone in Trellis’s life.

“You really don’t have it as bad as you think you do. Life can change right in front of your eyes and he wasn’t born with arms and legs to do stuff with but instead of him moping and crying he got up and did something with his life.”

Trellis hopes to one day be able to play professionally. Until then, he continues to erase any doubt that a quadriplegic can follow their dreams. To help fund Trellis on his trip to Chicago, visit

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