Residents gear up for the next phase of storm recovery

AMORY, Miss. (WCBI) – Recovery from a disaster doesn’t happen overnight. There are several stages.

Amory residents have been focused on clean-up. Now, they’re examining what’s left, and what it’s going to take to rebuild.

Those who have been through this before say it’s going to take a lot of two resources, patience, and time.

“People are finding out that their homes were damaged, they knew that they were damaged, but they are finding out they are going to have to move out of their homes,” Aimee Bradley said.

Block-by-block streets are filled with debris, and damaged homes are covered with tarps. Families have been moving quickly to salvage what’s left of their belongings before another round of rain comes pouring in.

Pastor Tommy Gillon of Fairview Baptist Church has spent over 40 years in the ministry assisting during disaster relief and says the process of rebuilding is a long road.

“I found out over the years it takes about three to four weeks before someone is really willing to say they can take my stuff I had for so long out on the side of the road for someone to pick it up as garbage,” Gillon said.

While some homes were destroyed, others will be able to be rebuilt, but Gillion said for some there is an underlying problem.

“There’s not a lot of people that have insurance, and we have to look at that aspect too,” Gillon said.

Gillon shared his confidence in the power of the community and that help can come when one least expects it.

“If you have any skills in that area, you can help a carpenter or help someone that knows what to do. This is the time we see fewer volunteers than ever before; a lot of people come after a storm, but they are going to need 6 -8 months to a year to try to get some homes back to where they can live in,” Pastor Gillon said.

If you are looking to donate your time in the recovery and rebuilding process in Amory call Gillon at (662)352-1014.

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