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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – It was an memorable moment Saturday morning as dozens of motorcycles hit the streets to benefit a local Columbus woman who was paralyzed after a tragic car accident.

With motorcycles rumbling they hit the streets all in an effort to host a benefit ride for Mercetia Parr. She was paralyzed from the waste down after a tragic car accident nearly five years ago. Despite all her struggles, her spirits remain high. She says, it’s nice to see so many show up for support.

“I’m very happy and I love all these people, I know all of them by name but I know them. They almost made me mess up my make up when I seen the t-shirts, so I had to sit down there and dry my eyes up and then I came out because I don’t want nobody to see me cry,” said Mercetia Parr.

“I just like to see other people doing stuff for my sister beside me and when I see other people do stuff for my sister it makes me happy,” said Jenia Parr, Mercetia’s sister.

The Street Jumpers joined forces with local groups to raise money for Mercetia to help with medical costs. They each sported a Street Jumpers t-shirt with Mercetia’s face on the front.

“What it’s all about, this one thing just goes to show that motorcycle riders are not thugs and law breakers but there some good things come out from the groups. We got all kinds of different clubs here and to represent her in her time of need,” said Street Jumpers member Earnest Jones.

It’s a cause that’s dear and near to the Street Jumpers hearts, helping out with any donations they can and coming together as a community.

“I had a wreck in 92, I was paralyzed waist down, so that explains it, I can jump, I can kick my legs, I can move and she can’t, that could of been me. When it touched me, I got the street jumpers, when the street jumpers says we do something about it,” said President Eddie Jones.

When they were all ready to go, Mercetia’s sister helped her onto the back of one of the motorcycles. With her helmet strapped, a smile on her face, Mercetia headed out in style and hit the streets of Columbus.

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