Shoppers are keeping a watchful eye on the rising prices in grocery stores

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Your grocery bill may be higher than usual this year while you prepare for the Memorial Day weekend.

The cost of dairy, poultry and beef products are on the rise.

Before you fill up your shopping cart at the supermarket, you might want to double-check the cost of your items.

“The cost of everything across the board is pretty much rising and it has been rising for a while now and it kind of went down after the pandemic got a little bit better but since inflation kind of hit your cost is going up on everything and, of course, your prices go up just a hair and it’s just the way we have to do things,” said Kemp.

John Kemp is the Assistant Manager at Sunflower Food Store in Columbus.

According to CBS News, cuts like beef and pork have gone up nearly 15% since 2021.

And just last year a dozen eggs cost $1.96. They’re now total $2.25 a dozen.

That’s almost a 15% increase.

Kemp said the customers aren’t the only ones being affected by the inflation.

“We get a lot of stuff from our warehouse and their cost has gone up so our cost has gone up and it’s not just customers complaining and you know we are feeling the belt-tightening,” said Kemp.

Even though there is growing concerned about high prices, Kemp said, Sunflower is making sure to meet the needs of the customers.

The store continues to see heavy foot traffic weekly, especially on holidays.

“We are still busy like we normally are but last year there was a lot of extra money going around with the pandemic and everybody had pandemic funds so it was a lot busier and we haven’t seen that much this year because inflation does affect it a little bit but it hasn’t been as busy because there is not as much money,” said Kemp.

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