Should masks be mandatory for the state of Mississippi? Physician advocacy group says yes

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) —  The face mask debate continues to heat up as positive cases of COVID-19 continue to increase in Mississippi.

It was just last week when Governor Tate Reeves made face masks mandatory for 13 counties.

And to the Mississippi State Medical Association, that isn’t enough.

Dr. Emily Landrum said research has shown that masks do help prevent the spread of this disease.

“They are going to protect people getting it from others more than it’s going to protect the wearer,” said Dr. Landrum. “So if I have a mask on, that is preventing me from spreading any potential coronavirus particles that I may have.”

In recent days COVID-19 cases have continued to climb.

Wednesday, the Mississippi Department of Health reports 1,025 new cases along with 18 deaths.

And to Landrum, just three simple tactics can help the numbers start to go down.

“Doing masking for everyone, continuing the other things that we know,” she said. “The washing hands and keeping good social distancing practice, those three things are going to be the biggest influences that can help decrease our numbers.”

And for those who disagree with wearing a face mask, Landrum is hoping they’ll soon have a change of heart.

“I think that the biggest messages that there’s no evidence to suggest that wearing a mask is harmful,” said Landrum. “I really hope that as a society we can stick to that and come together and do It.”

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