Skipping seasons

COLUMBUS, Mississippi (WCBI)- In the matter of a few days, northern Mississippi went from below average temperatures to feeling like the summer! This week, temperatures are going to be toasty! There will be a chance for rain every day too.

MONDAY NIGHT: Heavier cloud coverage is going to keep temperatures a bit more mild tonight. Humidity is going to stay up, as well. Low temperatures will be in the middle 60s.

TUES/WED/THURS: High temperatures are going to be hot! Expect to have temperatures in the middle 80s, with Thursday potentially being the “coolest”. Rain chance will be light but possible each day, currently at a 40% chance. Cloud coverage will be in and out. At some points, there may be more coverage and some times the sun will break through. Overnight temperatures will remain the middle 60s.


END OF THE WEEK: Temperatures will increase a few more degrees compared to Thursday. High temperatures for the end of the week and into the weekend, flirt with the idea of pushing into the lower 90s. Rain chance does dry out some, staying between a 20-30% chance. Low temperatures will only fall into the middle to upper 60s.

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