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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) — The oldest son of Columbus Mayor Robert Smith is cleared of a DUI charge.

Special Municipal Judge Bennie Jones found 36-year-old Robert Earl Smith Jr. guilty of the lesser charge of careless driving after a hearing today in Columbus city court. The judge said speeding in an area where people were on the sidewalks constituted careless driving.

Smith was arrested for DUI last August after police say they saw him driving recklessly near two nightclubs on College Street.

During today’s hearing, officers said they charged him based on slurred speech and blood shot eyes. The officers told defense attorney William Stark they didn’t do complete field sobriety tests and Smith refused a breath alcohol test.

Smith testified he didn’t drink because he takes blood pressure medicine and his brother testified he’d not been drinking that night.

He was fined $203.

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    Something smells fishy.

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