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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)-It’s National Women Building Week, and in honor of the occasion, local ladies are picking up power saws, nail guns and drills.

Construction doesn’t have to be a man’s world. For 6 years now, Columbus Lowndes County Habitat for humanity has teamed up with Lowes to give local women a chance to build a home.

“A lot of times women don’t feel very comfortable to come in on a job site and so this is the way we get them out here. We get them familiar with the tools they get comfortable working out here and they don’t feel quite so intimidating,” says Kathy Arinder.

30 women have volunteered to help build this habitat for humanity home including home owner, Jackee Abrems who is anxious to see the final product.

“I came out to volunteer to help with habitat I’m going to put a couple of tools in my hand and help paint,” says Jackee Ambrems.

Being the primary caregiver for her brother, Jackee is grateful for the women who’ve donated their time to help build her house.

“It makes me feel wonderful to see the ladies come out and volunteer and I appreciate it a lot,” says Abrems.

Susan Thompson, a volunteer who works at Severstal, is still getting the hang of the nail gun, but she’s a pro with a paint brush.

“It’s always good to be learning a new skill right and so the biggest part about it is that you are helping somebody else out. And we all have our individual talents and everyone has something to offer that they can do,” says Susan Thompson.

National Women Build Week not only teaches women new skills, it’s a good way to strengthen other relationships.

“I think it’s a supper confidence builder in women and this is a great team building experience if you’ve got a group of people that are working together day in day out in the office and it gets that grind and something; it’s good to get out and do something productive together kind of away from the stress of the office and get to know each other a little better,” says Thompson.

Whether you are a man or woman, Kathy Arinder, the director of Columbus-Lowndes Habitat Humanity, says none of this wonderful work would be possible without volunteers.

“We can’t do anything without our volunteers and so this is the way that we go out and recruit our volunteers and get them out here and have them learn about our organization,” says Arinder.

Lowes will be donating a 5-THOUSAND dollar git card that will go towards building future homes.

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