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[bitsontherun cLpb2SOi]COLUMBUS, Miss. – (WCBI) The azaleas are coming into bloom and the Friendly City of Columbus is again hosting another Spring Pilgrimage.In our opinion, nobody does it better than the Columbus Convention And Visitors Bureau, thats why a group from Camden South Carolina is in town.

The way Columbus tourism officials package their rich diverse history and culture is the envy of neighboring regions, including our neighbors here in the Southeast.

A delegation of officials having an impressive history of their own are in town for this year’s pilgrimage.

“And we are the scene of a revolutionary war battle that many feel was the pivitol battle of the revolution which had in South Carolina more battles than any other state in the union. And in many respects it was almost a civil war between the people that supported the British and the Patriots,” said Camden Mayor Tony Scully.

Sold on the way Spring Pilgrimage is presented to tourists, these Camden residents are gleaning from others.

“You very intelligently and with great enthusiasm created a destination for people to come from all over the country, and we’re not quite there yet. We are here to learn,” said Scully.

“Showcase everyone’s cultural heritage and, like Columbus, we have all the elements, but no one does the showcaseing better than Columbus,” said Joe Shull of Camden, South Carolina.

“Take some of the things you guys are doing here and bring it back to South Carolina. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, you guys have tremendous success with what you are doing here. A friendly environment,” said Kristin Cobb, Fine Arts Center.

When they depart, Camden Mayor Scully and his delegation who arrived with hungry hearts eating up knowledge of marketing their town, will hopefully be taking much more back home with them.

“The more people that you can bring into your community that are going to spend money in your downtown restaurants and that type of thing, that’s what benefits us all,”  added Cobb.

Spring Pilgrimage runs for the next two weeks and ends on April 13th. For more information be sure to visit their website at cvb@columbus-ms.org.


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