Starkville Opens New Fire Shelter


The Starkville Fire Department partnered with Lowe’s Home Improvement store to build a fire shelter.

The official unveiling of the home took place today.

The house will serve as a temporary shelter for families whose homes have been destroyed by fires.

The Starkville Fire Department, Lowe’s employees, and volunteers were all present for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

It was completely renovated and reconstructed with the help of Lowe’s employees and volunteers.

Inside, the home comes completely furnished with everything you’d find in your own home.

Local Lowe’s store Manager, Luke Frost, is excited for the future possibilities.

“Well it’s a great way for us to give back to the community. Lowe’s is such a big part of  that community and helping us be successful, and this was a great opportunity with the fire department chief. And it allowed us to utilize our Lowe’s heroes program to assist and help out in the remodeling,” says Frost.

The fire department plans to continue their work with Lowe’s and have already talked about the possibilities of more shelters.


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