Starkville residents excited for new Triangle Crossing shopping center

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Intrigued customers spent the morning going in and out of the new stores that the Triangle Crossing has to offer.

With this being just the start of the holiday season, people are excited to keep revenue in Starkville.

Our reporter, Kealy Shields, stopped by and even shopped a little to find out more about the communities reaction.

With stores like Ulta, Marshalls, and 5 Below people will no longer have to leave Starkville to do their shopping.

Customers are not the only ones excited.

Employees like Linda Randle are eager to serve those in the community.

“We’re just so excited about serving our community and for Starkville, this is really big. People are very excited to have this plaza over here and we’re
excited for them to come in and just be at home. It’s almost like everybody coming together, one big family, and just enjoying each other, ” said Randle.

Makeup artist LaMaggie Lewis says that the opening of stores like Ulta will be beneficial for her own clientele.

“I get to branch out more. Different faces and different textures. I am a licensed cosmetologist and a licensed barber so it’s helping me get more customers and clients,” said Lewis.

While Lewis may be spending more money shopping, she won’t have to spend money on gas.

“We don’t have to go as far as like Columbus or tupelo to get stuff. You know it’s bringing the city up, ” said Lewis.

With Starkville being a town known for its social life, Linda Randle said that her team is ready and looking forward to the action.

“The proms, children that are graduating, college students, and all that. We are able to cater to all of those students,” said Lewis.

Most importantly, Lewis says that they are there to help everyone at any step of their beauty journey.

“I have beautiful ladies waiting to service our community. Just come in, look all around the store. We are here to help you find your beauty needs in every aspect,” said Lewis.

All the stores are available except Aldi.

It is expected to open closer to the holiday season.

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