Starkville’s center for entrepreneurs and innovators is back

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)-Mississippi State’s Idea Shop closed the doors during the pandemic to update the interior and create more inclusive activities for everyone.

No idea is left behind at the shop, where coordinators say concepts and creativity become a reality

The shop allows people to work with 3-D printers, woodwork, and learn entrepreneurial skills.

Event coordinator Brooke Lammert said the shop took some time during the pandemic to rework the shop.

“We really wanted to gear it towards more of the community and kids and families to give them something to do,” said Lammert.

While parents are learning about woodwork and technology, idea consultant Landon Casey said the kids are interacting in their own way.

“We got them building some paper airplanes out there and just making civil way and make some paper airplanes and design them how you want and hopefully get them in here and get them really excited about the space, so hopefully they come back and make something awesome,” said Casey.

Lammert said it’s easy to get kids involved in fun activities.

“We are trying to keep it open to where they can come in and play and parents feel comfortable but they are happy they are getting to do stuff,” said Lammert.

Experience doesn’t matter, and Lammert said every project is all-inclusive

“We want everybody to feel comfortable when coming in,” said Lammert. “Whether its something in 3-D printing or woodworking or just stem projects, if you have never done it before, then you are welcome. If you know how to build an entire house, you are welcome. We have something for everyone.”

Casey said the shop’s location has played an important role.

“That’s why we are downtown, you know we want to show the community that we are down here and we want to help out, we want to be a part of the community so people can come here and get inspired and make something great,” said Casey.

The reopening was held both inside and outside to maintain the proper social distance and masks were required.

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