Steel Dust Recycling is eager to get positions filled on their staff

Steel Dust Recycling is looking for their next great employee

MILLPORT, Al. (WCBI)- Job opportunities are out there; whether it is a restaurant, retail, or factory, employers are hiring.

Steel Dust Recycling or SDR is looking for their next great employee. Work was fast and efficient in 2019, and the company wants to get things back on track.

“The market out there is like it dried up for trying to attract talent but I know it’s people out there that need jobs they’re just not coming forward,” said human resource manager Joe Fleming.

SDR hosts a job fair on Wednesday, September 8, 2021, from 9 a.m., until 1 p.m. to rebuild their winning team. Fleming said that people took advantage of unemployment benefits while they lasted, but they feel they’ve found a way to bring people back to the workplace.

“One way we’re trying to ease them back into it because our starting rate before now was like $13.00 an hour so we made some adjustments to it so now we’re offering $15.00  an hour just for entry-level just to try to attract you to our company,” said Fleming.

The Steel Dust Recycling team needs 12-15 people to fill positions on their staff and if those positions are filled as soon as possible; officials and workers feel that operations will be a bit smoother.

“That would keep us moving in the right direction able to fill all those positions would help us to maintain a very efficient operation.. come on out to SDR and join the staff joins our family,” said training supervisor Ralph Colvern.

Getting people in the door is just the beginning. Fleming felt that with the benefits offered and the family environment they have, people will want to stay.

“It’s opportunities for growth once you get in the company and we’re looking for people not to just come here and get us through a rush we’re here for the long run we want people to stay with us until retirement,” said Fleming.

Steel Dust Recycling has been in Millport since 2007.


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