STEM grants heading to several area schools

NASHVILLE, Tenn. ― The Tennessee Valley Authority, in partnership with Bicentennial Volunteers Incorporated (a TVA retiree organization), announced this week an award of over $580,000 in grants to educators in public schools to develop STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education projects all across the Tennessee Valley.

The competitive 2018 Mini-Grant Program, operated in partnership with Battelle Education, opened on Dec. 7, 2018, and received more than 240 grant requests from across TVA’s seven-state service territory.

“When we kicked this grant program off, we weren’t sure what to expect,” said Community Relations Program Manager Rachel Crickmar. “Needless to say, it’s not just Tennessee Valley Authority that understands that excellence in education is the key to our future. We were surprised at how many grant applications we received, but it goes to show there is a demand in the Valley for workforce development through STEM education. I am proud that our retirees are partnering with us to respond to that demand.”

Across the Valley, educators submitted projects large and small, to further their STEM education initiatives in the classroom.

“The projects were all across the STEM spectrum,” said Crickmar. “We had entries for things like safety goggles for science labs, but we also had projects like engineering and building solar powered drones. It was a great cross-section of projects, very representative of life in the Valley.”

The competitive grant program provided teachers an opportunity to apply for funding up to $5,000 and preference was given to grant applications that explored TVA’s primary areas of focus: environment, energy, economic and career development and community problem solving.

Schools who receive grant funding must receive their power from a TVA distributor.

“The goal of the program was to help further STEM education across the valley,” said Crickmar. “We knew this program would be popular and competitive and now we’re are looking forward to seeing the impact these projects have.”


Dorsey Attendance Center Itawamba County, MS Tombigbee Electric Power Association

Fairview Attendance Center Itawamba County, MS Tombigbee Electric Power Association

Fairview Elementary Aerospace and Science Magnet School Lowndes County, MS Columbus Light and Water Department

Guntown Middle School Lee County, MS Tombigbee Electric Power Association

Mantachie Elementary Itawamba County, MS Tombigbee Electric Power Association

Nanih Waiya Attendance Center Winston County, MS East Mississippi Electric Power Association

New Albany High School Union County, MS New Albany Light, Gas & Water,

Oxford Middle School Lafayette County, MS North East Mississippi Electric Power Association

Ripley Middle School Tippah County, MS Tippah Electric Power Association

Tupelo Middle School Lee County, MS Tupelo Water & Light Department, City of


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