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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)-Columbus schools Superintendent Dr. Martha Liddell has been fired. After four and half hours in executive session Monday evening, the Columbus school board voted 3-2 to terminate Liddell. Controversy has surrounded Liddell after the Columbus dispatch published a series of articles raising questions of her use of district funds and personnel for a private party and excessive travel. No interim superintendent has been named.

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  • Larry Swartz

    Glad to see the school board take a stand on improving the city schools for everyone, although it’s hard to believe the vote wasn’t unanimous.

  • Ed

    Glad to see they done something correct.

  • Kim

    Good! Glad to see that something has been done! Now if we could only follow suit with some other officials in this town, we might get somewhere!!!!

  • Allen Harrison

    I am deeply saddened by this news. It’s never pleasant to hear these things coming from a town that’s on the cusps of progression. I have had the pleasure of meeting and being around Dr. Liddell on several occasions. I find it hard to believe that the things she has been accused of we’re done out of malicious intent or abuse of power and would warrant her firing. I hope that this matter is thoroughly investigated and all facts, opinions, and closed door discussions that were used to warrant her firing are made public so that we as the public can perhaps insure that a just decision was made and begin the process of coming together and moving forward as one.

  • Martha Liddell

    News Director:

    Columbus Schools and I have settled any disagreements we had via a no fault settlement agreement. Certified teachers or administrators who have or may have contractual disputes are legally entitled to a due process hearing where issues on both sides of the isle are aired and an impartial hearing officer hears the case under most circumstances. And makes a recommendation to boards. Due process is designed to ensure fairness and to separate fact from rumors and unsubstantiated claims. To say an employee has been fired without due process is reckless and misleading. As indicated in a documented letter by the president of Columbus Board of Trustees, I resigned my position and my resignation was accepted by the trustees. I have no ill will for the school district or board members and wish them well in the future. I am focused on public service through non-profit causes that make lives better for the state and community. I felt it necessary to clear up misconceptions with facts.

    Dr. Martha Liddell

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