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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- It was a haze of colors at Mississippi University for Women.

MUW’s Department of Student Life, Counseling Center, and Gay-Straight Alliance Organization hosted a tie dye event in support of National Coming Out Day.

From 2-4 P.M. students and supporters joined in at Stark Back Yard with a piece of clothing to tie dye.

” We really strive to have our student population feel supported; and recognize and welcome everything that they do and different initiatives. So, we thought we would have this event out here today to allow them to tie dye and wear their shirts Friday,” Kimone Holtzman the MUW Coordinator of Student Engagement told WCBI.

Participants will wear their tie dyed clothing Friday in support of National Coming Out Day and the LGBTQ Community.

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  • Ed

    I’m very disappointed that WCBI would give this air time, this is sick and immoral. Nothing you can do to change the fact it’s immoral in the eyes of God and all christians. I do not support, condone, or associate with these types, period!

    I would think most of your viewers feel the same, why don’t you run a poll and see, or are you just too liberal to care.

  • Kris

    Ed, I like how you said “all Christians”. I am a Christian and I refuse to let you speak for me.
    If you think bashing and degrading ANYONE is the “right” thing to do than I’m afraid your glass house is about to come tumbling down.
    Ignorance breeds ignorance so PLEASE tell me you haven’t reproduced!!
    If you want to stand up for what you believe is right, that’s fine… you can do that by NOT being gay. But verbally bashing ANYBODY for the sole purpose of hurting them… that sounds very unchristian to me.
    I think MUW should be commanded for their effort to make everybody feel welcome and SAFE from people like you.
    And I think WCBI should get a pat on the back for doing what is right instead of what ignorant hicks things is right.

  • Ed

    The fact is if you support it you are just as guilty……read the Bible, there is no maybe’s…..it’s immoral.
    I’m not ignorant….I beleive what the Bible says…..I can see your opinion and “YOU” will have to answer for it. Sorry, but you can convince yourself it’s okay but it’s not….and NO there are no christians who support gays, only other gays.

  • Ed

    Kris just come on out of that closet…..this is the 2nd or 3rd time you have defended the gays and their movement, so just come on out and profess to the world you are gay……you know you want to…..come on and do it. You know your family will be so proud of you….hahahahaha…..what a joke.
    I can assure you, because I beleive the word of the Bible, there are NO gay christians….and yes I can speak for that !!!

  • Kris

    Oh Ed… I can see the aggression in you words. You are clearly someone who sits on the computer looking for any excuse to force your oppinion onto people. I am smart enough to know that I will never change your mind. And that is fine! But let me just leave you with this… how many children have to be bullied on our playgrounds before parents do something about it… how many teenagers have to kill themselves because “Christians” degrade them… how many mothers have to bury their sons and daughters because of something a self righchess person like yourself feels he is more superior.
    I’m glad to see you read your Bible. You might also want to try reading a history book sometime. From the Spanish Inquisision to Hitler’s genocide, people have been using The Bible to justify their actions. I haven’t had a face to face with God, but I am sure he weeps for those who use his name for evil.
    As for me… I am a happily married woman with 3 perfect gifts from God. I am a registered nurse who has seen and heard what humans do to each other when they feel justified. If giving compassion and protection to someone who is being harmed by anyone is what sends me to hell, then I guess I will see you there… because you may feel that The Lord gives you the right to do evil to others…well I feel like The Lord would want me to protect His children.
    With that, I am done. There are some people who poke the fire to get a reaction and I am ashamed to say I have given you anymore of my time.
    God Bless and I pray that, although you feel the way you do, that you will remember that all of Gods children have feelings. And the best way to be a Christian is to lead by example… not to beat down a fellows child of God. So since The Lord would want me to… here is my other cheek.

  • ed

    Kris, let me say this. I have not professed anything you say in my comments. I’ve said I am a Christian, I love my God and completely beleive his word. He does not say if and maybe and neither does he condone, accept, or support gays. They are not of his making…..and I feel sorry for you if you beleive that.
    Sorry to up set your apple cart but I won’t see you in hell, I try my best to live for him every day and I beleive his promise of a spot in heaven with him, but I feel sorry for you…but like the gays it’s your choice.

    I do lead by example, and I don’t bash a fellow child of God cause as I said, gays are not of his making.

    You don’t have to answer to me so you don’t owe me your other cheek…..”YOU” must answer to God !!!

  • Kris

    There is a movie called Red State that you should watch. The “Christians” in that movie seem to be cut from the same cloth as you.

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