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JACKSON, Miss. (Press Release) — A new survey commissioned by Allstate Insurance Company, focuses on a growing problem on Mississippi’s roads. Drivers become a much greater danger to themselves and others when distracted by smartphones and other electronic devices while driving. Commissioner of Insurance Mike Chaney supports the growing calls for a ban on texting while driving for all ages.

The recent survey conducted by the Southern Research Group found that nearly half of those polled (43%) felt that distracted driving is the single biggest threat to public safety on Mississippi’s interstates, roads, and highways.

The poll also found almost unanimous support (93%) for a total ban on texting while driving for drivers of ALL ages.

“Allstate is to be commended for expanding their survey to include opinions concerning a ban on texting for all drivers,” Chaney said.

“Texting while driving is often thought to be a bigger problem among teens and younger drivers, when in reality it is dangerous for anyone who gets behind the wheel to be distracted by reading or answering a text on their phones or other electronic devices. Safe drivers need to concentrate on the road ahead and not what’s on their telephone screen.”

“I would support a ban on texting and driving for drivers of all ages, it makes the roads we travel safer for everyone.”

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