Sweet Peppers Deli observes Memorial Day by offering free meals

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- While Memorial Day is known to honor the lives of those who paid the ultimate price during service to the country. Sweet Peppers Deli invited veterans and first responders to come in for a free meal. Memorial Day was celebrated as the restaurant not remembered those we’ve lost, but also those currently still protecting our country and the local community.

“I have high regard for the first responders here in Columbus and everywhere whether it be policeman, EMT they work and make sure everybody is safe and carrying out their job,” said Marine Corps veteran Mark Horning.

Horning said although Memorial Day is a somber occasion, he can also see it is a time to joyfully remember.

“We honor the sacrifices of everybody that’s fought for this country and died for this country and we honor them and remember their families and so forth and look back on history and make sure we don’t repeat it,” said Horning.

Sweet Peppers General Manager Aaron Sanders said his staff wanted first responders, veterans, and active military officials to feel appreciated. A free meal was their way to say thanks.

“We staffed to make sure that we’re here to serve others and we take care of them we want people when they come in and eat with us to feel welcomed and kind of feel like home and we want them to not have to get up and serve themself but for our team to serve them,” said Sanders.

Sanders’s father died while serving in the armed force. To remember his father and other fallen loved ones he wanted to show his gratitude for those fighting to protect people on a daily basis.

“I lost my father at a young age so I didn’t get to be around him much however I was given a flag because he served in the armed forces and just for him to make that dedication to serve his country means a lot to me,” said Sanders.

Sanders said he was thankful for all military officials and first responders that help keep Columbus safe.

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