Sweet Potatoes Rank As A Top Commodity In The Magnolia State


CALHOUN COUNTY, Miss. (WCB)- When it comes to sweet potatoes, it’s a crop the Magnolia State has become well known for producing.

Now state leaders are looking for ways to continue growing the market.

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During Thursday night’s Mississippi Sweet Potato Council, State Agriculture and Commerce Commissioner Andy Gipson spoke about the importance of the crop, and the impact it has on the state.

Last year, sweet potatoes had a value of nearly $118 million in Mississippi.

The crop also ranks as one of the top 10 valued commodities in the state.

Gipson said sweet potatoes are a critical part of our agricultural economy.

He believes exporting the crops is one way to continue growing the market.

“The work that goes into this, it’s hard work,” said Gipson. “It’s not easy but it employs a lot of people and a lot of dollars have turned over in the local economy and our state economy. We ship sweet potatoes all over the country and all over the world, so we want to continue to do that and grow the exports, grow the market, and support our farmers.”

In 2018, the state harvested 29,000 acres of sweet potatoes.

Next week, Gipson he will meet with the Consul General of India and discuss the possibility of a trade involving sweet potatoes.