Taste of the Holidays event held in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- We know what the holiday season feels like, but Sunday at the Mount Vernon Church in Columbus over 100 women found out what the holidays taste like.

Taste of the Holidays started just over 10 years ago

“I think we had 100 maybe 150 people and was scared to death that nobody would show up because it was the first year,” said Reeves.

Founder Angie Reeves says she never thought it’d be what it is today. The event has been successful since it started in 2007.

What was once a yearly event, is now every other year to give hundreds of participants time to prepare. She says it was a joy that people showed up the first time all those years ago.

“When they told me the first year that they’re were people here I just almost cried because I was so happy cause it’s a lot of effort and if it wasn’t for our cooks we wouldn’t have an event you know so now I know people are going to be here i know the room is going to be full and I know we’re going to have have so it’s just so amazing,” said Reeves.

The event lets women sample 75 holiday recipes, appetizers, main course meals, desserts, and drinks.

Groups and Connections Minister Aimee Bradley says that the event had to make some changes after it began to grow.

“I first got here we were doing it every year now it’s an every other year event because it has just kind of gotten so big and like I said there’s over 250 women here 74, 75 recipes and just because of the amount of time that it takes as well as events that we can’t do every year,” said Bradley.

Bradley also says that by not doing it every year no one gets tired of it and the cooks have time to come back with new ideas and recipes.

The next Taste of the Holidays will be in 2021.

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