TECHBYTE: Mother’s Day gift ideas

TECHBYTE (WCBI) – Mother’s Day is just days away. Most moms are super busy, whether they’re at work, or taking care of the kids at home.

Best Buy’s Nathan Roach said anything from the Ninja brand would be great for a mom who’s always on the go, and needs to make a quick meal.

“A lot of the Ninja products will not only do smoothies, it’s also a food processor. It can make soups. It can do other things like that, so it’s something that’s great for mom that can really do multiple things, and it’s not just a smoothie maker,” said Roach.

You have a wide range of Ninja products to choose from – from something as simple as a basic food processor, to a full kitchen set.

Roach said even air fryers have gotten pretty popular.

“It’s a great way for people to eat a little bit healthier, not have so much oil in the food. It’s also a great thing too for families to have because it’s easy, not only for moms, but for younger children to use it also, and cook very easily with it,” said Roach.

Another great option for when she’s not in the kitchen is the new Samsung Galaxy Watch.

“They’re great for fitness, they’re great to keep up with phone calls, text messages, really just for a mom who’s on the go. It’s a fantastic gift. It’s very reasonably priced also,” said Roach.

Dyson’s cordless stick vacuums are also good for keeping mom’s home or office clean. They’re lightweight, and easy to use.

“For a long time you couldn’t get the same amount of power, and really just an ability to clean floors like you need, unless you use a regular vacuum. Nowadays, especially with the Dyson line, you have handheld vacuums that will literally do the job of a full size vacuum that you can take right off the wall, vacuum, and when you’re done, you put it right back up,” said Roach.

The Roomba vacuum is also user-friendly. This robot does all the work, so mom doesn’t have to.

“If you’ve never used one, it can be a little intimidating to think about, but they actually work fantastic. They use advanced GPS tracking and lasers to be able to map out your room, to know where it needs to be cleaned, and most of the time will even tell you where it has cleaned in the house, and where it needs to still clean the floor,” said Roach.

Roach also recommends the Google Hub assistant. It can help mom stay organized, by keeping up with appointments or checking recipes.

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