Thanksgiving travelers should expect higher gas prices this year

COLUMBUS, MISS. (WCBI) – Thanksgiving means travelers will be piling into the car and taking a trip to be with friends and family.

Gas prices this Thanksgiving is projected to be pricier at the pumps than it has been in the last five years according to a new report.

Getting to grandma’s house for Thanksgiving is going to cost you more this year, but not by much.

One of the busiest times on the road all year, Thanksgiving. And drivers should not expect a dip in prices at the pump.

GasBuddy tracks fuel prices around the country and projects the national average to be its highest since 2014 which was $ 2.79.

The average gas price around Thanksgiving in 2015 was $2.06 in 2016, $2.13 in 2017, a whopping $2.53 and in 2018 $2.55. This years gas prices only went up by a penny

But the average price in Mississippi, 2.10, is below the national average. In Columbus, the highest price is $2.35

Yolanda Nelson is a Michigan native, but is driving to the gulf coast for Thanksgiving. She said she’s not too concerned about gas prices.

“‘Not really because if I was going home it’ll be a lot different price,” said Nelson.

James Davidson will be traveling between Birmingham and Mississippi for Thanksgiving and gas prices aren’t slowing him down either.

“It’s a short drive. I think that I was going to spend the gas money one way or the other. “It’s all within a few cents so it’s not a huge difference,” said Davidson.

One way to save on gas this Thanksgiving is to fill up your tank on Monday. The most expensive day to fill up is Friday.

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