The Dinosaur Crew inspires reading for kids in Starkville

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- It was a blast from the past at the Starkville Public library Saturday morning. The Dinosaur Crew from Memphis traveled all the way down to the Golden Triangle inspiring kids to read books on the extinct creatures this summer.

It’s also a chance to prevent the summer slide from making an impact on kids learning. The kids seemed to love it. There was a record of over 500 people in attendance at the library.

“Oh gosh, just a fascination and love of dinosaurs,” said Nick Toombs, owner of the Dinosaur Crew. “They know so much about them anyway so maybe they’ll be teaching their parents something.”

“We’re going to teach you about all the different species of dinosaurs,” said Colby Ruth-Holden, paleontologist for the Dinosaur Crew. “The different places they live. The different biomes like the forest, the water, and the air. Also while we’re teaching them about the living dinosaurs, we’re also going to give them some facts about the fossils of dinosaurs and how we find and learn about them today.”

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