The J. L. King Center partners with Regions Bank to give financial knowledge

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- Budgeting your bank account, buying a home, or preparing to retire take an investment in time and skill.

Now, the J-L King Center in Starkville and Regions Bank are teaming up to do some training in an online finance seminar. Finances are a stressful but necessary part of life.

This online seminar is all about planning for the future…

Organizers say they are happy to pass along the tips and learn a thing or two themselves.

The J.L. King center is focused on giving its community the best gift of all…Knowledge.

Through online seminars, the center is partnering with Regions Bank to teach finance lessons through every stage of life, all the way to retirement.

Manager Margaret Brown says this is a lesson everyone can benefit from including teenagers.

“We are reaching out to high school students and up. High school students need to know about this information going into college or when starting a new job the ones that are not going to college and then the students that are getting out of college can watch them too and they are very informative,” said Brown.

Brown has watched people go to the seminars and walk out an hour later with a wealth of knowledge.

“We’ve had a lot of people come through and tell us that the classes were very informative and after each little class you have questionnaires where you can see how well you might have done in those classes and just get some healthy habits on doing some things towards finances and better yourself on finances,” said Brown.

Rudi Rudd took some of the online courses.

She said making seven figures would be great but it’s not necessary when buying her first home.

“I have to remind myself that I don’t have to be a millionaire to buy a house and it seems like a really simple concept and the webinar reminded me of that,” said Rudd.

Now Rudd is beginning with the end in mind.

“It opened my mind up to the fact that I do to reach out to talk to someone about retirement,” said Rudd.

After these 2 classes, there is also an incentive of 25 dollars after showing proof you attended but you can take more than two seminars.

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