The recent ice storm and winter weather will cause more potholes in roads


COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Many people love to soak in our rare snow and ice days, but all those winter storms leave behind a bumpy mess.

Now, it seems potholes are popping up everywhere or they are getting bigger.

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The frozen water found in the cracks of the roads are to blame.

It can also cost a lot of money if your wheel hits one of those perilous potholes.

Columbus Public Works crews say they fill about 50 every day.

A hot mix machine helps workers make the repairs in colder weather.

Public works finds out about the potholes through different methods.

“What we do is, we get a lot of them on “See, Click, Fix.” We still follow that, and then we just kind of do our regular routine of driving around and when we come upon them we fix them. If we get regular calls, we send them out to fix them as well. After the storm and the weather, of course, it kind of stirred up a lot more of those potholes,” said Bennie Coleman, Columbus Public Works Assistant Director.

You can sign up to send alerts about potholes to the city directly on the “See, Click, Fix” website.