The Stallion Street Festival brought the community out for fun

Handmade goods, food, live music were some of the things that brought people out

MILLPORT, Ala. (WCBI)- The annual Stallion Street Festival in Millport Alabama brought families and friends out on Saturday, November 6, 2021.

Handmade goods, food, live music were some of the things that brought people out, but most of all; a way to connect back with those they’ve missed.

“Coming from a small town like Millport it’s always good anytime we can get something like this together just for the people to come out and enjoy each other and bring more togetherness,” said festival-goer Jeremy Brock

The festival did go on in 2020 but had less than 10 vendors due to covid restrictions, but this year (2021) with over 40 vendors; sellers were thrilled to show off their merch in front of the larger crowd.

“Engaging more you know that gets more people out, that gets more sales for everybody, not just me, and I to love seeing a bigger crowd than seeing a small one,” said vendor Mae Edwards.

Edwards is a store owner in Millport; so this wasn’t her first go-round at the stallion festival. Her biggest goal at the festival was to help others during holiday time.

“Being here letting people shop for Christmas and with Christmas around the corner and it’s just a good thing to help other people out,” said Edwards.

For the first-time vendor, Gary Eds; he was just thankful to see all the smiling faces at his booth.

“For the first time, it’s been a good turnout we got sunshine we got what looks like some happy people we think we’re going to really enjoy it and we appreciate the invite,” said Eds.

The festival is expected to go on next year (2022) and draw an even larger crowd to the small town.

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