Three Mississippi State students are nominated for Rhodes Scholarship

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Three students from Mississippi State University have been nominated for the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship.

Rhodes Scholars will have the opportunity to attend the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom.

Only 32 students across the U.S. receive the scholarship each year.

These three share a special bond.

Director of the Office of Prestigious External Scholarships at Shackouls Honors College David Hoffman explains the uniqueness of the nominees.

“Rhodes isn’t just about academic success. It’s about leadership, and transformational capabilities and all of them have done so in their own unique ways. Whether that be in community service, whether that be in research, whether that be in politics,” said Hoffman. “There are many different ways a Rhodes Scholar can stand out. Our students have really done some of each of those. ”

Nominees for this scholarship go through an extensive application process.

The Rhodes scholarship asks students to provide personal and academic statements.

It is also preferred for them to have up to eight letters of recommendation.

One of the nominees, Tyler Dickerson shares the honor it is to be selected.

“It was a really big honor to one, be considered in the nomination for this, but also to be able to go throughout the whole process, fill out applications, do all the essays, get all the letters of recommendation, and work with all the professors,” said Dickerson.

The three MSU nominees also share a bond. They are all former Starkville High School students.

They give much of the credit for their success to the opportunities they received as yellow jackets.

Reese Dunne said it’s extra special going through this process with long-time friends.

“I’ve grown up with Tyler and Mia. We attended Starkville public schools for years. I was in choir with Mia. Tyler was in my friend group in high school.
The fact that I’m with them together and my parents have seen them grow up as well. It’s just the coolest thing ever to be in this boat together, ” said Dunne.

All three nominees said they were inspired by students before them.

They hope they can continue to have an impact on others.

Mia Robertson hopes this can change the stereotypes people have about Mississippi.

“I think it really illustrates being from Starkville and Mississippi State you can really go anywhere. You can really do anything with the resources we have here. It really proves all of those stereotypes and all of those naysayers wrong,” said Robertson.

Finalists for the scholarship will be announced in the next few days.

The finalists will go through another series of interviews and then winners will be chosen from those candidates.

Rhodes Scholar nominees will be given full financial support to pursue their degrees at the University of Oxford.

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