Tips to take while working on your New Year’s Resolution

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- We are 2 days into 2023 and you may have set a few personal goals for the New Year.

For many people that includes plans to get… or stay… fit.

New year’s resolutions are common to have and a common resolution is to get into shape.

Beth Jeffers owner of The Fitness Factor in Columbus says getting into shape benefits more than just your physical appearance.

“As far as working out goes, there are so many valuable assets to working out… your mental health you sleep better and you’re more clear-headed you feel better you have more energy and overall you have the health benefits. Lowering your cholesterol and increasing the strength of your heart and lowering your blood pressure so it’s a win-win if people can get into it the hardest part for everyone is taking that first step and walking into a gym or beginning a program,” said Jeffers.

And while all of those benefits do sound appealing Jeffers says the number one rule is to pace yourself and never think it’s too late to start working on yourself.

“I think people beat themselves up because maybe they missed that January 2nd that they thought they needed to start that new exercise program and diet and everything but probably the best thing to do is take things slowly. If you are trying to lose weight or begin a new exercise or quit smoking. Try not to do all of those at once because it’s hard not to much pressure on yourself and its better to do a little bit at a time and take one goal at a time,” said Jeffers.

Rule Number 2 is to be true to yourself and never set unrealistic goals.

“I think the best thing to do is for people to start realistic goals a lot of times if someone hasn’t been exercising and wants to get going during the new year and they set too harsh of goals on themselves and too high of expectations so it’s better to start out slow and try to build up and create a habit for sure,” said Jeffers.

And Rule number 3… Never be intimidated by people that have been there years before you… you will get there.

“There’s a lot of new people coming into the gym and there’s an intimidation factor and one of the things at the fitness factor that we try to do is that we try to open our arms to everyone and welcome everyone and the hardest thing to do is that you don’t have to be in shape to come to a gym and that’s why we are here. We are here to help you to get in better shape and help you feel better about yourself,” said Jeffers.

Jeffers says if you want to start your fitness journey now or months from now you can find her at The Fitness Factor and she will be happy to help.

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