Truck drivers are cautious and eager to get back rolling

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)-  The people who move the nation are slowly but surely getting back on the road. Truck drivers are being very cautious while on their routes, and some have even come to a full stop.

“The best thing is to be patient and just stay slow,” said truck driver Bruce Smith.

That is the motto truck drivers are using when riding on ice. Drivers and their companies have had to adjust to the cold weather.

“Our company decided to shut us down for 3 days you know just trying to let everything melt out so you know let the highway patrol and all try to get the highways clear enough to where we can roll again,” said truck driver Stephen Wilson.

“We’re really not doing that many loads like we only did one load this week and I get home every night so we really shut down because of the weather,” said truck driver Demarkus Pearson.

Icy roads cause several accidents so; some drivers are being extra cautious to see the bigger picture.

“I’m staying off the roads because its just not worth it; there are accidents everywhere and if I get out there I figure I’ll just get in one too,” said truck driver Robert King.

“We can call our dispatch and just shut down for the day or two,” said truck driver Ronda Williams.

Some trucks have stayed at Love’s gas station in Columbus to stay clear of the roads, and operation  Manager Dwayne Livingston says he and his staff are prepared to help the truckers in any way possible.

“We’re trying to keep essential items and fuel up to those drivers. We’ve got showers, we’ve got food and try to keep all those things open for our over-the-road drivers they’re so important to our economy and keeping America moving,” said Livingston.

Livingston encourages truckers to keep these tips in mind when hitting the road.

“Make sure that all your tire pressures are accurate, that you’ve got supplies in your vehicle should you become stranded, you know and wait for authorities to get to you should you need assistance,” said Livingston.

Truckers plan to be in full swing within the next couple of days and warn other drivers to keep their distance.


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