Tupelo-based group lends helping hand to people in need

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) – Some people just need a little extra help throughout the year. United Brothers and Sisters has been at the front of the fight to give that help in Tupelo.

“We are cleaning them up and getting them ready for jobs. They need IDs and don’t have money to buy an ID. So, we are trying to get the churches to help them out. At the Salvation Army here, it costs $10 a day to live here and $70 a week. But if they are disabled and unable to work, how can they pay that money to live here,” said United Brothers and Sisters President Mack Turner.

The group provided the homeless with things like blankets, clothes, and even sanitizer.

Mack Turner had been helping the homeless in Tupelo for many years, and he had a reason to be passionate.

“I have a family member here right now from Columbus. And we are trying to get her into a low-income apartment. We are going to get her into a low-income apartment, and we need all of the help that we can get,” said Turner.

Turner also said more people should lend a helping hand.

“We are trying to get more help for the homeless. A lot of them are disabled and a lot of my homeless friends have been run over and killed. And we are trying to get jobs for them, the ones that are able to work. We need everyone to go to the bible today and read Matthew 25th chapter and the 35th-42nd bible verse about people who are hungry and don’t have shelter. It’s in the bible. So, a question that I want to ask is, why do a lot of people turn their back on the homeless,” said Turner.

The organization volunteered at the Salvation Army in Tupelo, which is home to the only homeless shelter in north Mississippi.

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