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TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) – Late last month police were called to this nightclub on McCullough Boulevard.  Witnesses say women were stripping and fights had broken out.

For several months, city council members have considered a brown bag ordinance, which would ban customers from bringing in alcohol to businesses that allow it.  But Tupelo Police Chief Tony Carleton says a nightclub ordinance would be a better solution.

“What we’re trying to do is make sure we regulate the noise ordinance, nuisance ordinance as well as any liquor and how those are sold, any liquor that is sold,” said Chief Carleton.

While there are no specifics yet, Chief Carleton says a nightclub ordinance would address crowd capacity, security , alcohol sales and other issues.

Carleton says the ordinance would affect any establishment that serves alcohol, from restaurants to nightclubs. He says the idea is not to harass any business, but instead, to ensure safety for everyone.

“There’s certainly other cities that have nightclub ordinances and we want to get on board as well so we can regulate some of those things and it’s mainly for safety and nuisance. Citizens here want this to be a safe place, as well as us, and everyone that comes through here that are guests, we want them to be safe so we want to make sure we’re controlling some of those situations,” the chief said.

Another key component of the proposed ordinance could suspend the operating license of a business, if there are ongoing problems that require police response. The ordinance is still being worked on by city councilmembers , the chief and the city attorney.  A draft is expected to be presented to the council in the next few weeks.



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