Video: Two Careers Working Hand In Hand

MONROE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Two careers that work hand in hand, is something one local sheriff knows personally.

Monroe County Sheriff Cecil Cantrell started his justice career in 1980, and in 2012, switched to a different side.

Sheriff Cantell has been serving as the Monroe County Sheriff for the last four years, but before that, he served as a county justice court judge for 24 years.

Making rulings, to wanting to make arrests, is how Sheriff Cecil Cantrell started his badge life.

“I saw what we could do in the courtroom, and I decided if I could get elected as sheriff, that I could take the knowledge that I learned for 24 years, by going to school and getting certified from that standpoint, I really believe I could bring something to the people of our county, and I think we have.”

Over two decades of courtroom experiences is what’s helped shaped his role as sheriff.

“By being a judge for all of those years, it gives me, you a better understanding of how really the law works, and on the side of enforcement, it gives you the working ability to be able to, basically you’re depending on what the judge has issued from this standpoint.”

Serving on both sides of the law, means career criminals know Cantrell from banging the gavel, to clicking the cuffs.

“I’ve seen people that I had dealt with many years ago through the court system, now their kids have gotten old enough, and they’re doing the same thing as their parents did.”

Monroe County K-9 Officer, Andy Lockhart, says it’s humbling to work for a man that knows all sides of the law.

“Every county has got their issues with drugs. The thing I can tell you about Cecil Cantrell as sheriff, he is actively going after these drug dealers, and letting us do our job to the fullest extent. He’s out there with us at 2 in the morning, going to these drug dealers houses, and making these arrests with us, so that’s one thing, he’s very pro active.”

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