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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Two children are missing and presumed drowned after their ATV flipped in Magby Creek on this afternoon.

According to reports from friends and family, two children between the ages of 6 and 10, Justin and Jacob Brown, went missing however they say the boys’ father and another brother survived the accident. The father is said to have been driving the ATV when the accident occurred. Columbus police, the state wild life and fisheries division and the lowndes county sheriff’s department all coordinated a command post near propst park during the search. Authorities have not released any other information at this time. The investigation is still on-going.

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  • donna michelle hines

    i dont think you should have said “presumed dead” if we keep our faith they can be found alive. they havent been found yet so there is still a chance of survival.

  • Kerrie Golden

    I agree with you , I have a family member who is friends with this family and I have been peaying hard. I have sent a prayer request out all the way from California. I have faith and beliefe that those babies will be found alive.

  • deborah martin-walk

    Bless Christy and her family, praying for them……..her workplace the cookie store in Leigh Mall is closed today, thank goodness for that act of kindness.

  • PS

    Jacob was my son’s classmate and he is devastated. Praying for the family and the classes of these boys.

  • Willie H. Bankhead

    She is definitely out of touch with reality; unless the father and other son staged this mishap/incident and the two sons were taken somewhere else by unknown others; or maybe trapped in a pocket of air underwater. Let’s just pray for this family that they may soon have some closure (be the boys are found alive or at least bodies recovered ) and my GOD who only knows what the father (Mr. Brown) is going through.

  • Heather

    Thoughts & Prayers for all family and friends.
    Prayers that the children are in Gods hands and being watched over.
    Also, thoughts and prayers to New Hope School as they provide counseling to the classmates of the children.

  • Brenda Spotts

    We are praying for the family and friends here in Caledonia. God has got this. Keep praying.

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