Two sets of rain chances bring added rain totals to region

COLUMBUS – SUMMARY: Two rounds of major rain chances accompanies rising temperatures into the upper 60s and potentially 70s by the weekend.
THURSDAY: Afternoon temperatures hit the upper 60s as rain chances return to the region. Scattered showers and thunderstorms will be prevalent throughout much of the day. Lows touch the lower 50s overnight.

FRIDAY: Afternoon highs take a slight dip as a line of heavier showers and storms make their way into the region. The main line should arrive in the region around lunch time, getting out of the region by the early hours Saturday. Lows bottom out in the mid to upper 50s.

REST OF THE WEEK: A few days of respite over the weekend makes way for the next major rain-maker next week, as a cold front makes it’s way into the region. Highs climb into the upper 60s over the weekend, touching the 70s in places, before colder air brings highs back into the lower 60s by next Wednesday. Lows climb into the lower 60s by overnight Monday.



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