Unique Autos, Trucks And Other Activities At ‘World Of Customs”

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) – For students from Tishomingo County’s Career and Technical Center, a field trip to the World of Customs Auto Show helps them see what can be done with the right education and training.

Blake Thomas teaches collision repair at the career and tech center.  He brought twelve students to the indoor auto show at the Tupelo Furniture Market for what he hopes is a motivational trip.

“The sky’s the limit for what they can do, they can open up their own body shop, work for somebody, sky’s the limit for them as far as they want to take it,” Thomas said.

This is the first time the World of Customs Auto Show has been in Northeast Mississippi and the first hours were for high school and junior college students.

Harry Smith brought his ’93 Ford Ranger named Max to the show, and it drew a constant crowd of young auto enthusiasts.

“We disassembled it and got the engine and all out of a F 40, supercharged, trimmed it to six speed put in it, built our own frame, customized complete front end,” Smith said.

Another big attraction for students at the World of Customs Auto Show is Von Hot Rod, he’s from California and he started his career as a pinstriper working with automobiles, but now his artwork is on a variety of items.

“The crazy thing is I took the concept of striping what you see on the hood of a car, side, and transferred it over to Kitchen Aid, high heel shoes, laptop computers, cell phones, kind of went mainstream with it, so I’m a little bit different,” Von Hot Rod said.

Most of the vehicles on exhibit are also different, or unique.  There’s an “Optimus Prime Replica” from Transformers, a mock up of an LAPD Mobile Command Center used in several movies, and replicas of the famous vehicles from “Smokey and the Bandit.” Some of the cars are even for sale.

Also, the World of Customs Auto Show is sanctioned by the International Car Show Association, so there are prizes up for grabs for exhibitors. For more information go to worldofcustoms.com


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