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BROOKSVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) — To be compliant with federal requirements of “no child left behind”; school districts in our viewing area are expected to be engaged in MCT2 Testing beginning the second week of March.

In-house school tutoring has already begun at Wilson Elementary School in Brooksville, and certain students needing more help than others are assigned teachers who act as drill sergeants.

“And they basically tutor those students in those areas that they really need help with. Whether it be math or language arts or reading. And so they work for about 50 minutes with those students, two days per week,” said Jihnnie Wells, WES Lead Teacher.

“We’re trying to implement it early so our students will be prepared for the test that’s coming in May. Not only the test in May, for common core when it starts next year as well,” said Lashanda Mickens, WES Special Ed Teacher.

Students also utilize the I-Read Program a computer-based learning tool, and for these campers engaged in this military-style regiment, time is of the essence as they march, at least in their minds towards a successful goal.

“We cannot afford to wait until May, we must get our kids prepared because this is our last time to get it right for MCT2,” said Wells.

“We’re targeting the students mostly in the lower 25 percentile. Those students in 4th through 6th grade this year didn’t test last year. The students in 3rd grade this year didn’t test last year so we are basing that on their benchmark assessment that they took,” said Mickens.

A three student one teacher ratio is expected to maximize the ability to spot any academic weaknesses in the ranks as they prepare for the 20 sessions the Noxubee County School students are facing.

“We just have great expectations here at Wilson and we are really really, you know, just looking forward to our students being successful this year and coming together as a school and getting our kids to the next level,” said Wells.

In previous years the boot camp at Wilson was held after school. An in-house camp allows for availability of more teachers to help prepare those campers for the upcoming round of testing.

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