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AMORY, Miss. (WCBI)-Cancer affects millions. No matter the age. When going through the difficult time most patients lean on their family for support.

Life seemed normal until February 2011 when Tyler Clay learned he had cancer.

“We went to St. Jude then the doctor told us in the room that he has Leukemia. It was devastating,” says Mark Clay.

“Denial at first and then you go into to that survival made,” says Julie Clay.

The Clay family rallied behind Tyler as he endured chemo therapy. In just a few months he was in full remission. But in July of 2013 he got even more devastating news.

“When I realized I had cancer again it broke my heart because I was working really hard to be a really good baseball player,” says Tyler Clay.

“I felt bad for him. I didn’t like to see him how he was reacting to it,” says Clint Clay.

Tyler’s doctors used more chemo to keep it from spreading. However, doctors knew the only way to cure his leukemia was through a bone marrow transplant. Several tests revealed Tyler’s older brother, Clint was a perfect match.

“I was excited. It was cool my brother could do it. He is my life saver,” says Tyler Clay.

“Something I can’t really do for many people and be able to do that to my brother was pretty cool,” says Clint Clay.

Just before last October’s surgery, the duo started calling themselves the “blood brothers.”

Tyler is now in remission. His immune system is still weak, but he’s not letting that stop him from doing the things he loves.

“Keep running. I want to try and get fit like I was. Try to get better at baseball. Do good my senior year,” says Tyler Clay.

The Clay’s encourage others going through similar situations to lean on family.

“Don’t let the little things eat at you and bother you. Stand strong in your faith and just love each other,” says Julie Clay.

Tyler is currently on a low bacteria diet. He’s not allowed to eat out right now. However, when he does his first meal will be McDonald’s chicken nuggets and a large sweet tea.


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