Video: Brutal Teen Beating Caught on Camera

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Teen AttackNORTHEAST, Miss. (WCBI)- When Memory Mitchell goes to school, mother Tonya Hunt and aunt Robyn Mitchell agonize about her safety.

“She’s been a victim of bullying. She has not been able to attend any weekend activities, any after school activities,” said Mitchell.

Memory’s family says she receives constant threats and taunts. Monday the alleged harassment turned violent in this Ackerman park. The video shows her trying to flee. Another girl catches up with Memory, hitting her multiple times on the head.

“They surrounded her like wild animals, like a pack of wolves, and this girl just laid it on her,” said Mitchell.

The video also shows a bystander stepping in to help, only to get punched herself. The video was posted on social media sites but the threats didn’t end in the park.

“The girl has told Memory, ‘I’m not done with you. This is not over,” said Hunt.

Memory is worried about the new school year. She says before Christmas break, her teachers were escorting her to every class.

Commander Don English is over the Columbus Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division. He says when teen bullying leads to physical assault, law enforcement steps in. While punishment may be limited, teens aren’t off the hook.

“Juvenile crime is a big problem. Battery charges involving juveniles, assault charges, it’s just the penalties are different for juveniles than they are for adults,” said Commander English.

English also says the more teens post these videos, the easier it is to charge them.

“Posting on social media is a big thing today. I mean that is quite popular among teenage kids. But what they don’t realize is that social media can be used against them,” said Commander English.

Assaults like Memory’s can also lead to severe punishment in school. Columbus Interim Superintendent Edna McGill says that can happen, even if the assault occurs off campus.

“We can if it has a negative impact on the school and the instructional day. So it’s just important for students to understand that no matter where they are, it’s not appropriate and they need to understand the consequences of their actions,” said McGill.

Ackerman police are investigating the fight Memory was involved in. Her family wants those responsible held accountable.

“Bullying is not just a national issue. It’s here in our small towns, it’s a local issue. The damage that these kids sustain from that, it’s not just physical, it’s emotional. It has damaging effects on them,” said Mitchell.

Memory did receive treatment at the hospital for several bruises to her head.

Memory’s aunt and mother believe Monday’s attack is in retaliation from another fight Memory was involved in earlier this year. They hope that by speaking out, it can help prevent another brutal attack from happening to another student.

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