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Teen AttackNORTHEAST, Miss. (WCBI)- When Memory Mitchell goes to school, mother Tonya Hunt and aunt Robyn Mitchell agonize about her safety.

“She’s been a victim of bullying. She has not been able to attend any weekend activities, any after school activities,” said Mitchell.

Memory’s family says she receives constant threats and taunts. Monday the alleged harassment turned violent in this Ackerman park. The video shows her trying to flee. Another girl catches up with Memory, hitting her multiple times on the head.

“They surrounded her like wild animals, like a pack of wolves, and this girl just laid it on her,” said Mitchell.

The video also shows a bystander stepping in to help, only to get punched herself. The video was posted on social media sites but the threats didn’t end in the park.

“The girl has told Memory, ‘I’m not done with you. This is not over,” said Hunt.

Memory is worried about the new school year. She says before Christmas break, her teachers were escorting her to every class.

Commander Don English is over the Columbus Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division. He says when teen bullying leads to physical assault, law enforcement steps in. While punishment may be limited, teens aren’t off the hook.

“Juvenile crime is a big problem. Battery charges involving juveniles, assault charges, it’s just the penalties are different for juveniles than they are for adults,” said Commander English.

English also says the more teens post these videos, the easier it is to charge them.

“Posting on social media is a big thing today. I mean that is quite popular among teenage kids. But what they don’t realize is that social media can be used against them,” said Commander English.

Assaults like Memory’s can also lead to severe punishment in school. Columbus Interim Superintendent Edna McGill says that can happen, even if the assault occurs off campus.

“We can if it has a negative impact on the school and the instructional day. So it’s just important for students to understand that no matter where they are, it’s not appropriate and they need to understand the consequences of their actions,” said McGill.

Ackerman police are investigating the fight Memory was involved in. Her family wants those responsible held accountable.

“Bullying is not just a national issue. It’s here in our small towns, it’s a local issue. The damage that these kids sustain from that, it’s not just physical, it’s emotional. It has damaging effects on them,” said Mitchell.

Memory did receive treatment at the hospital for several bruises to her head.

Memory’s aunt and mother believe Monday’s attack is in retaliation from another fight Memory was involved in earlier this year. They hope that by speaking out, it can help prevent another brutal attack from happening to another student.

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  • Barbara A Mitchell

    This is very disturbing.

  • Jennifer

    These teens who are bullying and physically assaulting the other teens definitely should be held accountable. Their parents and/or guardians should also be held accountable. Let them face jail time and fines. Maybe that will stop them or at least slow them down.

  • Jennifer

    The parents and/or guardians should be held accountable for this. Jail time and fines may stop them or at least slow them down.

  • Person who knows the whole story


  • Concerned In Ackerman

    First off, it should have never gotten this far. If something was going on at school they should have called both sets of parents and the two children in and had it stopped right there. But now that it has gotten this far, EVERYONE at the park that day (The ones that stood around and done nothing) should be charged with the crime. The one doing the assault, the ones watching (Should have reported it), and the one taking the video. But if the kids would have been properly raised and taught the proper manners then they would have never done this. Yes I know most all kids will be mischevious at times, but if they know they will be held accountable for their actions without the parents and others supporting them in violence like this then they will re-think before they do sensless things like this. These young adults need to be supporting one another instead of trying to hurt or humiliate each other. I have been on both sides before and know how it can affect a child and it still affects to this day.

  • Concerned In Ackerman

    Person Who Knows The Whole Story, How about this? How about you write down everyones name that was there, even if you were there, and give it to the police and let them settle it. Yall need to be praying and supporting one another not hurting one another.

  • Concerned Parent of Choctaw County

    You can clearly see the parent of the child who is attacking Memory standing in the video and he is doing absolutely nothing to get his daughter to stop. He should be held accountable, and his daughter needs to be at home taking care of her own child instead of causing problems in this community. Who teachers their child that doing something like this is appropriate? Throw Him In Jail!!!

  • M

    Regardless of the whole story..it was still a fight and someone was still beat to hell and back
    If kids wanna fight about something let them fight in a juvenile detention center

  • Citizen of Choctaw County

    First of all, it don’t matter matter who knows the whole story or not, its a matter of as a parent, they should have taught their child better than this, and to be an “adult” and stand there and watch a kid fight just shows how trashy people really can be. It don’t matter what happened, we are to teach our kids to be the better person of every situation and walk away, you know kindness kills, goes a lot further than acting trashy. This makes me sick to know such ignorance has gone on in our little County. You know Choctaw County has always had a good name for itself, but people like this is just gonna bring it down! I hope Justice is served to all that is involved, like the adults that should have been adults and put a stop to this, like the person videoing and posting, I hope they know they can be in just as much trouble and with technology today it can be linked right back to them, and to the person what was “beating” the child, if she does have a child of her own like the talk is, does she realize social services can snatch that child from her.. Reverse the roles here, how would you feel if it was your child, I am sure you wouldn’t be to worried about the whole story you would want your child to be safe and Justice served.. All we can do is pray for the people that has this sickness, and hope that they accept God into their life and ask for forgiveness and be a better person, that what I hope mom and pop raised them to be.. I pray to the God Lord this would never happen to mine because I will sit in jail for my child when it comes to trashy ignorance like this.. God Bless!!

  • Keisha

    That video clip has parts missing to it. They are bashing the Thomas girls for no reason. The other girls where trying to jump them n the real actual video. The other girls came with bats to use on the Thomas girls. People should do there research n no the whole story b4 they are judged.

  • Concerned parent in Choctaw co.

    I guess you were an eye witness who stood by while she got beat. I’m sure someone will return the favor to you. NOBODY deserves to be beat like this…. I don’t care what the whole story is. Thank you wcbi for covering this story. It is very eye opening for the parents of Choctaw county high school students!

  • Tina

    Person Who know the whole story- Our eyes do not lie, it’s all there on video. Those girls ganged up on another girl and beat her. PERIOD. They should be punished to the full extent.

  • aunt

    First things first noone’s parents were there period. And second nothing was said when memory beat up a girl a couple weeks before this. Now just because memory was starting rumors and making threats that she couldn’t hold up for everybody got an opion. Memory is 18. All the people standing around in the background, guess what, memory called those people. Those are her friends! WCBI poor journalism, check facts before you put it on the air, like reporters are supposed to instead of tryin to get ratings!! The “adult” friends of memory also came with bats. Some of them ate as old as there 30’s!! And as far as social service haha! Did you see her child o the tape? Let me answer that for you- NO YOU DID NOT!!! People should teach their children( their grown, over-age children) not to start something that they cant finish!!!!

  • Deshawn Jackson

    Everybody is forgetting,,,,,there’s two sides to every story,,,,,everybody is acting like the girl that’s getting beat up is an innocent teenage girl,,,,when she’s a grown woman…Why wasn’t anything done about when the same girl who’s getting beat,,beat another girl down the same way a few weeks ago,,,The girl who’s being beat in this video became a teacher’s pet at CCHS,,,, Because this girl plays up to the teacher so they can watch her back,,,and take up for her in the time she’s wrong! The girls who’s beating the girl up are minors who’s just reacting to a girl who has been bulling them and getting away with it for to long….#some things happen for a reason

  • SupportForThomasFamily

    I know the Thomas girls personally, they have never been violent, UNLESS taunted! They r being bashed for taking up for themselves? People, look at it from bothsides not just one.

  • Aunt

    first things first, wcbi you should research a story before you run it. Reporters are supposed to get facts not just opinions!!! Now this girl (Memory) is 18! She beat up a 15 year old girl a couple weeks ago and she was not called out for being a “bully”! Memory started the bullying! She spread rumors about my niece and spread word around the school and Ackerman that she was going to beat up my (minor) niece! Including saying she wished she was dead! Now that the event happened and she didn’t win now her aunt and mom want to say she was bullied. Now for some of these comments: 1. as far as social services- did you see her baby in this film? let me answer that for you-NO you did NOT! 2.The only adults that were present were called by Memory-! That preceded to get out of vehicles with baseball bats! 3. The only sickness there is is that a white 18 year old got beat up by a bi-racial girl. 4. Jumping- yes there was jumping by Memory’s peers on my other niece and her sister stopped them! 5.WCBI if you want to show a video don’t edit it to make it a one-sided viewing!!!! There wasn’t any parents there, but i guess because my niece is bi-racial and they could see part of a black man that it’s automatically her father!!! this is an outrage!!! WCBI you should be ashamed!!!

  • person in choctaw county

    I know the thomas girls… I know one of them has been in lots of trouble for this sort of thing. But for some reason girls in ackerman . And all over the US have a horrible problem of being so very ugly to each other. There is not any point to all this and it is very heart breaking and I hope that the girls and ALL INVOLVED in the beating of this girl pay for the decisions they have made in this video. It just breaks my heart….

  • Concerned for the whole situation especially ppl who are defending this type of behavior

    Most definitely. . How can someone defend that type of behavior no matter what the reason may or may not have been.. and there will always be different sides to the story no doubt. No one ever wants to take responsibility for actions like that but no matter what that poor girl may have done that made them big ol gals that mad heavens they should have went to police if it was something that bad that made them lash out like that. It is very clear they have major issues. No excuse no matter what for that behavior. Not normal no matter what the circumstances might be. Sorry. Anyone defending that type of behavior has issues especially if you are an adult. Good lord no wonder stuff like that is happening with adults like we have today..its a shame

  • Dani

    First of all, this is not even an investigative report. The reporter said herself that the child was involved in another fight previously. Done. Stop complaining that WCBI is not telling the whole story! The point of the story is that bullying is wrong, posting a video of it on social media is also wrong, and this all needs to be stopped. Don’t tell reporters who know what they’re doing how to do their jobs just because YOU DON’T GET THE POINT.

  • Bullied in Choctaw County

    If you think bullying in Choctaw County Mississippi is new, then you are blind. It has been going on for years. I moved to Choctaw County in 1961 as a second grader. The esteemed teacher at that time made the lives of both me and my sister a living hell. She led the class in making fun of us and ridiculing us to the point that we were miserable. Some of the leaders of your wonderful little town of Ackerman were among the very worst offenders. I see their progeny are no better than they were. In case you’re wondering what we did that was so offensive, we were two little girls whose parents divorced and lived with their father, not their mother. Not only did we lose our mother, we were subjected to abuse every day that we attended school there. It continued until we moved away 8 years later and has left scars that will never heal. If Choctaw County disappeared off the face of the earth, I would applaud.

  • Person who knows the whole story

    To the concerned citizen.. Of course the whole story doesn’t matter does it ? Well not to people who know the half of it and can come to judgment. Way to be the false Christians we expected of you. You are no better than the bully and by bully I mean Memory the 18 year old girl that lost. But if she had won everyone would be on here singing her praises and how the minor got what she deserved or maybe how it was divine justice, which maybe it was…The parents of any of the children were not there for a fact also Memory arrived with adults with bats in jimmy Steadman’s vehicle. On the longer video you hear clearly Memory saying she came there to fight… Clearly and she got one. Her family members are heard on wcbi’s video claiming she has been terrified for weeks when there are clear screen shots of her on insta-gram last weekend at the movies and out partying the night of the fight, the next day and the day after with face pics of her and her friends laughing with out a bruise mark black eye or sign of harm. I am patiently awaiting for the rest of the story to come forward on WCBI when the minors or their parents are interviewed. I know those children and I also know their parents and I can guaranty that they do not go looking for fights but do not back down or run from fights either. Just because their parents did not teach them to go into the fetal position during a fight and memory’s parents did everyone is mad and bent out of shape. The fight ended up with it being three on two if you have seen the full video but the two stood victorious. When you push children into a corner and give them know way out and this includes the school administration what to you expect to happen ? I this 18 year old playing victim is so innocent why is she at the park in the first place? She clearly states SHE IS THERE TO FIGHT. She called up the crowd of by standers, you know they are referred to as “wild dogs” which her parents I am sure to pleased to hear she is dating not one but two of them “wild dogs”. But you know when things look dirty they usually are… You are correct on a couple of things adults should put a stop to this and the school did a terrible job. The minors parent’s are good people and would have glad to talk to this girls parents at anytime. If it were my child that feared going to school so much that the teachers had to escort her to class and back and forth to the car daily then I would have done something but her parents obviously did nothing. Place the blame were it should be, cowards can only hide for so long. Everything catches up to everyone sooner or later. The person playing the victim in this news story is not a victim as your eyes are telling you but the minors parents have told me that they the upmost faith in the Ackerman police department. They are also are not worried about good old boy politics or fake high-society chatter, they pay taxes just like everyone else and their children have the right to feel safe when attending a public school. The girls have not had a physical confrontation on school grounds this year while the 18 year old Memory has had two. Also when some one brags about threatening a 15 year old and sucker punches them in the back shows you how this girl had to be raised. God Bless You Too…I will pray for you all..

  • Brandi

    I could care less how or if any of them went their to fight, what cause the fight or anything else the video doesn’t show this girl even trying to defend herself. The ones who did this is cowards because they had a group beating her and the larger built kid that hits her in the head shows anger issues that I feel requires some mental evaluation. The parents of those kids should think long and hard at what they have raised! To me, I would as a parent, wonder where I went wrong.

  • Person who knows the people involved

    I personally know both of these girls. They are both at fault for wanting to fight. Their parents should have taught them that fights and arguments do not have to be handled physically. The girl seen beating Memory has also threatened me before, just because I am friends with people she does not like. She is bad news. She should be spending time with her one year old son, not getting in fights over silly drama. While no one deserves to be beaten like this (the fight was clearly won after the first few hits) it would not be a bad thing if she got a taste of her own medicine.

  • sherryodom38@yahoo.com

    This is so sad! I moved my child from this school several years ago and her and Memory have remained friends over the years. Where is your school administration when it started at school. Also, Where is your law when needed? Probably with somebody else’s wife!!!!!!! The only thing I got to say is several girls against one-those girls are COWARDS!!! Those girls will get what is coming to them!!!!!!!! DO NOT stop until you get to the end regardless of what the punishment has to be for them. They look like a bunch of CHICKENS to me since they can’t fight fair (One on One)! Tonya and Robin y’all are good people!

  • Alex

    All i can say … You better be glad this wasn’t my daughter, because the law or your daddy couldn’t protect you from me!

  • sarah

    Person who knows the whole story why don’t you stop being a coward and hiding behind this website and take all your bold comments and remarks to the police If u feel like something should be done instead of running your mouth and being disrespectful. Second, learn proper grammer and spelling before you want to go on a rant that u should clearly be keeping your nose out of. Nobody wants to take someone seriously who cant spell correctly. Lastly,The police will handle things the way they see fit.

  • Concerned parent

    Okay, first of all. Kayla should have been at home with her baby (witch she is Hardly ever.) instead of out sticking her nose into somthing that had NOTHING to do with her nor her sister in the first place. Me and memory are really good friends and memory has been bullied by Kayla. Who hasn’t been bullied by Kayla? You can go to Choctaw county and give out a survey that ask ” have you ever been bullied by Kayla” and 95% of kids will choose yes. As for jasmine. She has bullied me as much as Kayla has but the whole point is. She clearly stated on Facebook. If my kid gets takin away from me, I’m going to kill you. She wouldn’t have to kill her if she was with her kid. Kayla has a lot of growing up to do!!! And as far as Dakotas and memory’s fight, I only heard bits and peices. But Dakota is no better than no one else at cchs. There’s plenty of people that can tell you the only reason she is “friends” with kAyla and jas is because she is scared of them. Or because she can go to there house or out with them to see whoever she is having sexual intercourse with. Bullying needs to stop now!!

  • Memorys relative

    I completely agree! It should have never gotten this far. The school district was notified prior to all this of the threats etc. that Memory received. Instead of taking care of it properly they came down on Memory. This is a prime example of teachers being at work for the paycheck and not doing their job. Yes this did take place outside of school but maybe if the girls that jumped Memory had been threatened with expulsion like she was they would have thought twice about setting her up.

  • Person who knows the whole story

    well let me first start by saying i was in a rush typing like i am now so if you could read it you got the drift .. people keep saying these people beating memory .. there is one girl beating memory not two or three or seven … so ms odom get your facts straight or please find some way to watch the whole video not the cut version cause to the people that have seen the video you sound like a complete idiot…the fight was one on one and the police know it.. obviously you didnt check the facts in the first paragraph…no complaining about the fifteen year old being the oly one getting jumped huh? guess cause she is not white like memory?

  • Concerned parent

    And this is a fine example of why I went against my beliefs that my children should be in public school & let them HOMESCHOOL when they got past the 10th grade… The school and police dept should be able to deal with this and if not, they should have to answer for this along with the children involved.

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