Video: Calhoun City Comes Together For A Special Family In Need

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CALHOUN CITY, Miss. (WCBI) – When one person hurts, so does the community around them.

A local Calhoun City family is in the middle of some trying times, but thanks to a strong support system, they are on the road to recovery.

It was a time of celebration at the Calhoun City square but it wasn’t all about friday night football.

The reason behind the cheers is Kashyra Guyton.

“This little girl experienced tragedy like none other when her whole family was killed in an accident and then lightening struck their house and they lost everything,” said Whitney White, fundraiser organizer.

Guyton lost her mother and sisters in that car accident earlier this year, then her grandmother gained custody of her.

Shortly after, their house burned to the ground, leaving the two with only the clothes on their back.

A 5-K run was held and all the proceeds raised went to help the family start over.

With a special theme for the night, “Run and not grow weary”, White says she is more than happy to help the two.

“This family has every reason to give up and grow weary and they have not, they have been strong and they work hard and they have persevered and it was the right thing to do, to give back,” added White.

As for the family, they are more than thankful for all the support they have received.

“People have been so supportive. They’ve come to our rescue I can say and it’s been lovely. It comes from above, I know it does because without God, none of this would be possible. And I thank God for the love that he put in each of the hearts that are here tonight, to be able to come out and support a family who is in need, I thank God for it,” said Guyton’s grandmother,  Cathleen Hych.

The family is still in need of household items and winter clothes.

For more information on how to donate, contact WCBI (Alyssa Martin) at 328-1224, or Whitney White at 662-416-0684

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