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WINSTON COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – There has been an outpouring of support for students and faculty at Winston Academy, just days after theft and massive destruction at the Louisville private school.

On Monday volunteer workers at the Winston Academy School campus in Louisville appeared real busy, putting back together the pieces of their school after suspects apparently burglarized and tore up almost all of the school’s buildings there.

“And I’m just really proud of everybody in my community coming and helping clean up the mess, and so we can go back to school earlier and they’re doing a lot of work and its getting done really fast,” said Iris Keen, Winston Academy student.

But what is behind the mindset of suspects Vernon Brown and Hunter Glass, believed to be responsible for about a quarter of a million dollars in damages.

Louisville and Winston County investigators are chalking up the possible criminal activity to mischief and a bad decision on the part of Brown and Glass.

But one expert in the field of human behavior says the destruction points to deep seated anger and not just teen mischief.

“I don’t think financial gain was the main agenda. But again in juvenile behavior its hard to tell what is the intent. But again it was a lot of destruction more that it was seek and gain,” said Christopher Gosa, Community Counseling therapist.

“And people who are like in Philadelphia and Noxapater came around and they all joined together and helped us clean up the mess that the people did,” said Tanner Belding, Winston Academy student.

“Just because I’m 30 does not mean I am mature as my peers. I still have some behavior there that speaks to being juvenile,” said Gosa.

Brown is 20 and Glass is 18 years of age.

Be that as it may, destructive actions of a few….can be a catalyst for many people coming together when needed.

“I think its just heartless that people would do this to such a great school. And its just good to see that people are actually helping and getting everything done,” said Heidi Phelps, Winsotn Academy student.

“And life’s going to carry on and we are just so blessed to have a community that has loved and supported us and been there for us and we’re very excited,” said Ada Woodward, Winston Academy teacher.

Glass and Brown are awaiting formal charges at the Winston County Correctional Facility on Tuesday.

That’s when students will be back in class at Winston Academy.

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