Video: Convicted Noxubee County Doctor Wants License Back

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – She was a rising star in the medical field when she became the first African American medical chief of the Mississippi Department of Corrections. Then in 2009, she was found guilty of embezzlement and lost her medical license. Now she’s fighting to get her license back.

“I have completed my sentence. I have completed every obligation given to me by the state of Mississippi for what I did,” says Liddell.

Noxubee County native Dr. Kentrell Liddell pleaded guilty to embezzlement in 2009 but now she says deserves a 2nd chance.

“I still feel to this very day that what I did saved tax payers thousands, if not millions of dollars. It helped to keep our state of Mississippi State Department of Corrections from the brink of irreparable damage,” says Liddell.

Liddell was stripped of her medical license after her conviction. She was put on house arrest, asked to repay $94,000 and serve five years probation. Now she’s lobbying to have Statute 97-11-25 amended so that she can practice medicine again and serve the community. The statute permanently prohibits any public official convicted of embezzlement from working in the state.

“The campaign really is just to bring to the attention of our lawmakers and to those who care, that this law enacted in 1972, is a very old antiquated law and I do not believe it serves the purposes of our state and its citizens today,” says Liddell.

State Representative Tyrone Ellis says he supports Liddell’s campaign. He’ll propose an amendment to the statute in late September. Until then, Liddell believes she should be practicing medicine in Mississippi.

“I want my license back. I want to be restored,” says Liddell.

Currently, Liddell is a medical consultant, author and public speaker. She could also have her license restored if Governor Bryant issues a pardon. Governor Haley Barbour elected to deny Liddell a pardon before he left office in 2012.

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