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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)-Folks are already heading to local firework stands to purchase their New Year’s entertainment. WCBI takes a look at fireworks sales in our area as well as some safety tips to remember this holiday season.

Ringing in the New Year with a bang usually includes fireworks. Teresa Padgett of Orbitz fireworks in Columbus says this year is no different than the last. Fireworks are already flying off the shelves.

“They have been pretty good this year. They have averaged out about the same as they do every year around Christmas and New Years. It’s beginning to pick up the closer we get to New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Eve is my busiest day,” says Teresa Padgett.

From an array of colors to a host of sounds, Padget says a vast selection will help you choose the package that is sure to leave an impression.

“Just about every year the artillery shells, the morter shells, that you drop into the tube that go up real high in the sky and they burst with all different kinds of color and noise, people always love those. I have an item called Firework Fiesta that shoots 96 time and that’s been a very popular item over the past few years,” says Padgett.

Whether you are purchasing a large amount of fireworks for a big show or a small amount to entertain the children this New Years its important to never modify your fireworks.

“When they create explosions out of different chemicals or trying to get the reaction to make a pop. If you get the wrong mixture sometimes the reaction times are drastically changed and you have no idea knowing when the explosion will take place,” says Neal Austin.

Remember, using caution and following directions can keep your celebration bright.

“Of course always read the instructions, don’t use fireworks under the influence, don’t use them as a play toy. Treat them as a loaded weapon and have a good time,” says Austin.

Also remember, even though the ground around you may be wet, your clothes can start on fire just as easily as the grass can in July.

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