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MONROE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – A drug arrest that turned into a police stand off Wednesday afternoon in Monroe County shows the sheer size and scope of drug operations. And as WCBI’s Alyssa Martin tells us, it sheds some light on the under world of stolen property and cash that often go hand in hand with suspected drug dealers.

When Monroe County narcotics agents tried to close out a drug raid Wednesday, a suspect fled into this house on Highway 6 east of Nettleton. After more than five hours, the stand off ended peacefully with the arrest of Steve Brantley, David Little and Crystal Bosch. Brantley had been on agents radar for weeks as a suspected major drug trafficker.

” We started watching him probably about two months ago, 6 weeks and it all led to this.”

Agents expected drugs. But they were stunned at what they found in and around Brantley’s property. A dozen cars, motorcycles and ATVs, 30 guns and hundreds of stolen power tools. Just as surprising were the number and types of guns.

” We knew that he had weapons, we didn’t know he had that much ammo. He had enough to start a war.”

Investigators think the vast majority of the items were stolen. They aren’t sure whether the three — none of whom had jobs — stole the items themselves or traded stolen goods for drugs. Agents say that’s not uncommon in the drug trade. But they know it was big, big business…Cantrell says Brantley paid cash for the house and property.

” If you know of anybody that had anything stolen please call the sheriff’s office and we are writing down serial numbers and different things and we just invite you to come by and look and see if this is any of your property.”

And Cantrell has one more message.

” We’re not going to tolerate anyone coming from any state and moving here and thinking that you can start a drug ring. An operation in our county, we’re not going to have it and we’re taking out drug dealers one by one here, he’s just one of many.”

In Monroe County, Alyssa Martin, WCBI News.


The three suspects are all facing multiple charges of drug trafficking and sales.

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  • Kdlljrachel

    Need to get the facts right this was not stolen property this all acquired when he had a well established business.

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