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CALHOUN CITY, Miss. (WCBI) – Tucked away in a Calhoun City gas station convenience store is a taste of heaven you would never expect to find. The world famous caramel cake at Buck’s One Stop is one more hidden treasure in our area.

“Caramel cakes, chocolate pies; they are the best cakes in Mississippi,” said Rupert Lunceford, a Buck’s regular.

“It’s real moist and of course the icing’s really good. I like the caramel cake but I really like the fried apple pies and fried peach pies, that’s my favorite,” said Perry Liles a Calhoun City resident.

“For anyone who has never had the caramel cake, you will not be disappointed,” said Kent Gravett, another Buck’s fanatic.

Buck’s One Stop isn’t your typical gas station. Aside from the usual snacks, drinks and magazines, a one of a kind bakery awaits you. Among the tasty treats, the famous triple layer caramel cake.

“We mix it up, brown our sugar on the stove, and when it gets the right color we want it, we start frosting and all I can say is just beat, beat, beat,” said the caramel cake baker, Ann Langford.

The Langford family bought the store in the late 1990s, inheriting the longstanding caramel cake recipe from previous owners. The dessert is also mail ordered daily. They pack them up tight with packing peanuts and send them on their way.

“We’ve sent them to Chicago, California, Iraq. We probably make 10, 12, or 15 a day depending. During the holidays we make about 30 or 35 a day,” Langford said.

Buck’s One Stop is a favorite of the Calhoun City locals, but many out of towners are willing to make the trip.

“When we moved from New York City, where I was getting my education, to California, my wife read an article about the 100 things you must eat before you die. And on that list, was the caramel cake at Buck’s One Stop in Calhoun City. My wife is originally from Brookhaven, although her family now lives in Louisville. So we mail ordered two of them, they came, everybody loved them, all our friends loved them, and they said get more, get more, get more,” Gravett said.

And after one taste you’re hooked.

“That’s how it is, it takes over you, but it’s a good take over not like a bug or worm, or a horror movie. It’s wonderful,” said Gravett.

Buck’s is located on Main Street in Calhoun City, and open from 4:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.  To order a cake, call Buck’s at (662) 628-6822.

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