Video: Houston Sundancer Gears Up For Win #13

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HOUSTON, Miss. (WCBI) – For more than a decade, young racers from Houston High School have been bringing home the trophy and bragging rights for having the best Solar Car design and team in the country.

The last two weeks in July, they’ll go cross country from Dallas, Tex. to Los Angeles in search of another title.

The racers are attempting to capture their 13th win.

The car powered by the sun has been successfully dancing it’s way across the finish line in national competition now for 12 years straight.

This year’s team of students from Houston High are optimistic, as they defend and even attempt to break their own record.

“And I believe we will win because, not because of our car. Our car is good, but our team is what, is what makes us win every year. Because our team, we prepare the most, and we know the most about our car,” said team captain Trey Franklin.

“Really it’s our team. Our team spends a lot of time together and we train a lot. And we really get alone. When I first joined the team they told me welcome to the family,” added team member Kristen Black.

According to the solar race car members, their vehicle is not the best when compared to the other 19 in competition. What counts is strategy.

“For example if we have a very, a day that has a lot of hills, we will probably put a lighter team member in there and then if it’s mainly down hill, we’ll put a heavier team member in there,” said Franklin.

Unlike previous years when the school fielded separate girls and boys teams for closed track competitions in Dallas, the Sundancer Lady Racer Team members are not in competition this year because of funding shortages. Instead, they are combined with the men of the Houston Solar Racer Team.

And they somehow feel that’s going to be a winning combination.

“I’m the shortest member on the team and so we had to add a little extra seat so I could reach the pedals this year,” said Black.

To find out how you can keep both cars in competition each year, you may contact Bobby Mooneyham at 662-456-6502.

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