Video: Hungry Starkville Customers Are Eating For A Good Cause

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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) — Giving to a local charity just got a little easier. Several Starkville Restaurants are teaming up with three local charities for a chance to win $5,000.

The 2nd Annual Starkville Restaurant Week is using food to profile three charities in the area.

One charity benefiting is the T.K. Martin Center.

It provides services for individuals with disabilities such as access to driving equipment, art programs and even a pre-school prgram for young children.

“We do assessments of infants and toddlers age zero to three determine if they have a disability or a need for services. Then we also provide services to those children,” says Janie Crilot-New.

Even though the center helps improve the lives of many, it’s still a unsung hero.

“Several people always say that the TK Martin Center is one of the greatest secrets in this area and we don’t really want to be a secret we want people to know about our services,” says Crilot-New.

Starkville restaurants like Oby’s are supporting local charities like the T.K. Martin Center. So when you come in and order your food, make sure to pick up one of these ballots to vote for your favorite charity. Customers say they don’t mind voting for a great cause.

“It gets the word out for our thing because a lot of people eat out and a lot of people are not familiar with some of these charities so by eating out they are introduced to them by being introduced to the possibly will have an opportunity to support them somewhat,” says Joanne Reid.

The T.K. Martin Center has until to Sunday to find out if they win, but they already know how they will spend the money.

“We actually go out into the community to see many of the people that we see. Many people can’t travel to us because of the significance of their disability. So if we were to win $5,000 it would go to help purchase a new vehicle,” says Cirlot-New.

Remember, as you head out for a great meal in Starkville, you can help local charities with a drop of a ballot.

The other charities include the Starkville Pregnancy Center and the Homeward Bound Project.

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