Video: Itawamba Couple Adopts Embryo

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ITAWAMBA COUNTY, Miss.(WCBI)–An Itawamba County couple unable to have children considered the traditional adoption route. Then they heard about the new technology, embryo adoption. Now they are expecting twin Guatemalan baby boys.

In a separate room in the home of former Amory native Amber Gholston and her husband Jason, baby clothes and toys are stored in anticipation of the arrival of a new set of twin babies. They attempted to adopt a child the old usual way, which was taking awhile. Then a friend of a friend told them about embryo adoptions.

“So that how we get the process rolling on the embryo adoption because we had never even heard of it and I was like what, what is that?,” said Amber Gholston/Itawamba County Mother To Be.

The couple had no problems with people who choose invetro fertilization, it was just not for them.

“They take out however many eggs they can get out of my wife and however many sperm they can get out of me and create embryos. So they could create 30 embryos and we only use two,” said Jason Gholston/Itawamba County father To Be.

With this new scientific technology, chances of conception are slim.

“Well, it just depends on how your cycle goes, the quality of the embryos, how they thaw out. There are lots of factors that go in but its less than a 20% success rate,” said Amber Gholston.

After the successful transfer of the 11 year old embryos, months later Amber Gholston was expecting her babies. There are a mixture of feelings, after all its not every day you receive decades old embryos and 11 days later find out you are a mother to be.

“I’m happy, I’m excited, nervous, and all of that at the same time. Hoping that everything is going to go smooth through the delivery. The whole pregnancy has went really well,” said Jason Gholston.

Our expectant mother’s due date for the birth of the twins that’ll be born via embryo adoption is June 3rd.

The Gholstons have picked out names already for Jase and Zeke.

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