Video: Louisville Company Participates in White House Event


LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Dozens of American made products sit on the front lawn of the White House.

One of those is a Taylor Machine Works manufactured forklift from Louisville, Mississippi.

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It’s all a part of President Trump’s ‘Made in America’ campaign.

It’s to highlight American made products from all 50 states, which shows Trump’s support of manufacturing companies in America.

One American company from each state was selected to have their product showcased on the front lawn of the White House.

“There was about three names submitted to the White House from Mississippi and we were chosen of the three, so that’s an honor. We’ve got a lot of great manufacturers in Mississippi, but here we are and were chosen, so we’re appreciative of that, very appreciative of that,” says Taylor Machine Works Chairman and CEO, Lex Taylor.

Taylor Machine Works is celebrating 90 years of business in Louisville, which makes this national recognition even better.

“Celebrating a 90th anniversary, that’s quite unique and in itself. Then, with this ‘Made in America’ campaign, sort of being the representative product from the state of Mississippi, in the celebration of our 90 years of business, that’s really special for us,” says Taylor.

It’s also special for the town.

Mayor Will Hill says it’s a proud Louisville moment.

“Here locally, we’ve celebrated 90 years of this business being a part of this community, generations being impacted with our jobs. It’s wonderful and it’s just great that we can celebrate Taylor. So many times, I mean often times, they’re just the quiet hero here, providing jobs and keeping this community going,” says Mayor Hill.

The company was notified about the honor late last week, and had short notice to get their product halfway across the country, but luckily, the forklift didn’t have too far to travel.

“How in the world, in a matter of a few days, and through the weekend, get all of this logistics handled? It just so happens, one of our dealers had a machine working, on rent, working for the Smithsonian and it was relatively new and clean and we were able to polish it up a little and drive it four blocks over, down the road to the White House,” says Taylor.

And four blocks later, here it sits.

“It’s right in front of the back door of the White House, the South Lawn.”

Taylor Machine Works specializes in industrial lift trucks.