VIDEO: Low Cost Moves to Keep You From Paying High Cost Repairs

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – The cold air from the coming front could pose a hazard to homeowners.

As temperatures drop, if not prepared your plumbing and electric bills could go up.

For exposed water pipes and drafty rooms, ‘better late than never’ might not be an applicable phrase for fixing these problems.

They can be easily avoided if they’re taken care of now before we’re hit by the sub-freezing temperatures.

Frozen pipes can be a nightmare to fix, but preventing the freeze can be easy.

Jeffrey Duckworth at Ferguson Plumbing Supplies in Starkville says the easiest fix doesn’t have to be bought at a store.

“The best thing that you can do to protect yourself is to keep water flowing, even if it’s just a slight drip through one of your faucets,” said the store manager.

Duckworth also said it’s important to turn both hot AND cold water knobs on the faucet.

For more peace of mind, pipe fittings and faucet covers are available at local hardware stores.

The price for these is a cheaper alternative to having to call your plumber for burst pipes.

“It’s quick and easy,” said Duckworth. “If you’re having to call a plumber, if it’s a major issue, I mean… I don’t know plumbers’ rates, but it’s going to charge you anything… I mean, it’s going to be hundreds of dollars.”

On the other side of water and electric, workers at 4County Electric offer advice on how to keep that monthly electric bill from skyrocketing.

“Try to keep the thermostat as low as you can; bundle up,” said 4County PR Rep, Jon Turner. “If you see cracks around doors and windows, caulk or use weather strips, and that’s pretty easy to do, pretty low cost.”

Easy and low cost, words any homeowner would like to hear.

With available materials, the only thing left to do is prepare.

“Weatherize where you can. Try to put something on there that will insulate it from the extreme cold,” said Tuner.

“Be prepared; be proactive. Make sure that you take the proper precautions now,” said Duckworth.

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